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Backpan Buss Structure with Replaceable Surge TILES & 2 Spare TILES

THOR SYSTEMS is built on a foundation of the highest standards of excellence and exceptional quality.

Our focus on superior product and company performance is evident in everything we do. Through manufacturing acumen, premier customer service and with a talented and dedicated staff, we will redefine the concept of surge protection using advanced applied technologies and innovative features designed to enhance our products as well as anticipate the needs of our customers.

THOR SYSTEMS’ products range from service entrances of large facilities to primary and secondary building distribution systems. These systems can include large computer rooms and data processing centers as well as manufacturing process control, small business and individual residential equipment.

In a world where every business decision triggers an IT event, managers must balance traditional IT requirements – managing costs, mitigating risks, increasing their quality of service – with a new requirement to improve business agility. Surge protection systems can help businesses improve operating efficiencies with applications such as computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), digital graphic creation, software development and financial/economic modeling. There is no single surge protection system that is right for all applications, which is precisely the niche and focus of the THOR SYSTEMS’ broad product line.

Electrical power quality problems cost the United States industries over $100 billion annually
80% of voltage surges and transients are caused by changes in electrical demand, inside the user's facility