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Engineering and Customer Service

Engineering and Customer Service. THOR SYSTEMS’ Engineering and Customer Service staff has extensive SPD and critical power industry knowledge. We are available to assist our customers with application, installation, and site evaluation requirements, as well s answer any questions that may arise.

Installation and Commissioning. THOR SYSTEMS can arrange for on-site equipment installation and commissioning, which will include basic operator training and the performance of diagnostic tests to ensure maximum system performance.

Site Evaluations. THOR SYSTEMS can perform site surveys and make surge protection equipment recommendations. In addition, we offer Ground Resistance Testing for three-point analysis (measurements of resistance of ground rods and grids), four-point analysis (measures soil resistivity), or two-point analysis (for continuity on established grounds.

Electrical power quality problems cost the United States industries over $100 billion annually
80% of voltage surges and transients are caused by changes in electrical demand, inside the user's facility