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Industry Standards & Testing

TSr & TSn Bare Printed Circuit Boards TSr150 & 300 Multi-TILE Assemblies (Hybrid Components: SADs, TpMOVS, Filter Capacitors & High Frequency Low Impedance Corona Wire)

THOR SYSTEMS’ products are designed, manufactured, and tested in compliance with the following codes and standards:

American National Standards Institute and Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (ANSI/IEEE C62.41.1, C62.41.2, C62.45, C62.62, and C62.72)
National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 70 NEC)
Underwriters Laboratories (UL1449 and UL1283)
Federal Information Processing Standards Publication 94 (FIPS 94)

DOWNLOADS (pdf files):

TSI068ULR3_ULSTD1449 [TSI 068UL]

THOR SYSTEMS’ products are UL listed and labeled under UL1449 Standard 3rd Edition for Surge Protective Devices (SPD) and UL1283 5th Edition Standard for Electromagnetic Interference Filters.

THOR SYSTEMS uses state-of-the-art equipment for R&D and production testing to ensure maximum product performance. Each SPD is thoroughly tested during production and is checked for functionality, accuracy and reliability. As previously stated, THOR SYSTEMS’ SPD products are listed under UL1449 3rd Edition and UL1283 5th Edition. Our participation with the Standards Panels for UL, IEEE and NEMA keeps us informed of the latest industry standards, which are applied during our systems testing.

Electrical power quality problems cost the United States industries over $100 billion annually
80% of voltage surges and transients are caused by changes in electrical demand, inside the user's facility