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Backpan Buss Structure with Replaceable Surge TILES & 2 Spare TILES

In our quest to become a leader in the protection surge industry, we are taking a technological leap forward – not only for THOR SYSTEMS, but for the entire industry. We introduced our 3rd Generation high performance/feature filled surge protection product line.

We have developed the product series, TSr and TSn. The TSr Series is a modular, field replaceable design for higher power service entrance and main distribution panel applications while the TSn Series is a self-contained, non-replaceable design for lower power applications.

Multiple, parallel surge path designs offer the opportunity to counteract the “skin effect” phenomenon: the flow of electrical current is greatest at the conductor surface. As the frequency of the system increases, so does the rate of alternating flux, thereby intensifying the “skin effect” condition. In a typical protector surge event, frequencies of up to 50 kHz are not uncommon; thus “skin effect” should always be taken into consideration in the design of surge and lightning protection systems.

Both product series utilize the StakTraks™ design concept comprised of multiple arrays of hybrid suppression elements which are interconnected and bussed with multiple, independent surge planes, surge paths and buss works.

Our hybrid design is comprised of filter capacitors, high power suppression diodes, high energy Thermally Protected Metal Oxide Varistors TpMOV (“fail-safe devices” with integrated thermal and dielectric [arc shield] protection), and parallel copper surge paths. These multiple parallel paths are key elements in providing improved protection from lightning which is accomplished by offering a lower impedance between the hybrid design suppression elements and their multiple conduction paths to direct the transient away from protected equipment. The StakTraks™ concept also provides an opportunity to condense the product package size. This smaller, more effective design increases overall system performance.

Surge TILE Assemblies Without Enclosures

Electrical power quality problems cost the United States industries over $100 billion annually
80% of voltage surges and transients are caused by changes in electrical demand, inside the user's facility